Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dr. Lisa Masterson Discusses The "Risk Benefits" Of Circumcision

Dr. Lisa Masterson from the TV show "The Doctors" lets out a massive genital cutting brain fart and gets properly put in her place by late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Lisa is a wonderful and outgoing spokesperson for Circumcision Stupidity! Keep up the good work, Lisa!


Craig Ferguson: Did you read in the news last week that the city of San Francisco is considering banning circumcision?

Dr. Lisa Masterson: You know, that's a personal choice. As an obstetrician I talk to my patients a lot about this. And really there's a lot of health benefits and some risk benefits. But it's really a social procedure. So you really have to decide, do you want your son to look like you? Is it a cultural thing; is it a social thing? Absolutely. And there's some health benefits: more for the lady than for the man. But, as far as decreasing STDs and passing them on to, you know, other women. HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. So, decreasing STDs and cancers? All that good stuff!

Craig: But couldn't you achieve that same effect by washing your 'peepee' on a regular basis?

Lisa: You absolutely could.

Craig: So we're talking, you could have this chopped off, or you could wash it. Your call.

Lisa: Exactly!

Craig: That's a tough choice there, doctor. I don't know!


I'll Have A Side Of Euthanasia With That Genital Cutting, Please!

This gem comes to us from mother "Desdemona" on the Babycenter forums:
"But, I can't say it really bothers me if a parent chooses circumcision. There are worse things that can be done. I do think that if your going to go for it you should give the boy some euthanasia."